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Experience in building

GP Toming built over the 50 buildings as a main contractor, and there are even more buildings in which GP TOMING participated as one of the contractors. Civil engineering is a special activity of GP TOMING in which it specializes after the experience gained in construction. Extensive experience guarantees that all project ideas will be optimally,effectively and efficiently realized into a functional buildings.


Aparthotel Tamaris, Tucepi; EURO-BENZ, Sovici; Grude Sports Hall; Residential building "St. Simon ”, Medjugorje; Residential building "St. Thomas"; Medjugorje, ERONET Commercial Building, Grude; Commercial building "DM", Mostar; Rondo Commercial Building, Mostar; Commercial building of Elektroprivreda HZ-HB, Grude; Hydro Power Plant "Peć Mlini", Drinovci

. Photos of built objects: